7 de junio de 2017

SLA Coord Challenge: Bali

om swastiastu

Here is my coord for SLA challenge "around the world". Of course as everybody know I love Bali and Indonesia too. I take things i have home to make this. The true is an inspiration, and don't looks like traditional clothes, but have something that I feel back here.

The traditional clothes have the sarong, the bodice and the kebaya, but as Loli fashion, I need to change the basic balinese silouhette. I have to change too the batik, in Balinese clothes, batik is used in the Sarong (Skirt) but i dont have a Loli batik Skirt. I change it too.

The headdress was a problem, cause i dont know what i could do. There are two time of looks: nothing o OTT. I decide to make a flower cronw with Frangipani flowers and gold spray.

The make up was other problem, but i use a very soft version, and decide to put the crystal for make it as hindu concept.

I'm so happy with this coord and all my friends said this day I'm "totally me"

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