7 de mayo de 2017

Rainbow coords

Other day I talking with friends and I have the idea of make a rainbow dresscode meet (as I'd seen in UK years ago). My friend Vicky said me, you can make all colors by yourself! and as a challenge i try to make.

2 de mayo de 2017

Baroque Witch

On 1st May I doing with friends to drink Bubble Tea (Tapioca is my life) and I make an strange Oufit. In morning, when i was working i thought in put togheter the Oracle with the top of my Omnia Vanitas Barroque dress by Una Lolita Costurera. 

I used the black blouse under the top cause I like to make a diferent look. This shirt is from Bershka, I bought in August 2016 for Wicked and Whimy Tea Party Coord. I sewing a amazing lace and and ribbons. The gold necklace is from Puvithel, and I won in Omnia Vanitas Main Event Raffle! 
For make up I put dark blue and purple around the eye and a bit gold middle. I put to silver stars close to eyes and a few in under the necklace, cause make a conexion with the print. The bracalet in Handmade, i made it for W&W tea party too, is lace, perals and crochet. 

As the top have to white ribbons, i need a bit white in the skirt. I use the Omnia Vanitas underskirt by Una Lolita Costurera. The tights are from Violet Fane (named Omnia Vanitas) and finish it with gold shoes. The belt is a necklace my friend Anna gist to me for use with L'Oracle skirt.

The skirt is the third collection from Violet Fane, and I fell in love totally when I've seen it. The necklace in the bag is a complement from the same Colecction and concept: L'Oracle. I used the necklace in the bag cause could have more conection with coord and change the bad a bit. 

Thanks for reading <3 

27 de abril de 2017

Omnia Vanitas: Saturday coord inspiration

I used to write in spanish in my blog cause I 've did a different type of post: I spend around 2 weeks/2 months for one post: a lot of research and investigation. Now a days I don't have this time for posts but I love blogs. 

For this I decide to restart my blog in english, of curse cause I need to use it, and cause now I have a lot of Lolifriends from around the world and I like to share it wih everybody, but I'm still doing my videos in spansih, sorry. 

Today I like to talk about my OV main event dress. All start one random day, I went to "Ribes y Casals" a fabric store to buy clothes for my Halloween coord. In sales corner I found all I need for Sally's coord, but I've seen something more: a white lace clothe with gold embroidery details, just 18€. Was a dream. 
foto de Alba Romagosa Giménez.

When I saw the fabric, in same moment I imagin the kind of dress I want: Pride and Prejudice. I Love one dress Lizzy wear in movie. I imagin a dress in imperial look and very simple. The true the dress in simple in aesthetic but no in work. My friend Soah made it for me in a few weeks before I left to Indonesia. 

Resultado de imagen de pride and prejudice bbc

The headress I buy in Wicked and Whimy just for 8£!! The Fake ponytail I wear I bought for London 9th TPC event, but finally I can't use cause my hair was not long enoght... but perfect now! As I did't have time to have my normal hair on point, I thogut i could be a good option. Oh and the necklace, this is made by my friend @notcanon. 

foto de Alba Romagosa Giménez.

The original make up I did was very soft and simple. At the begining i was thinking in make soomethig like White Queen (Tim Burton's Alice in Wonerland) but at the end I chose this. I wear brown and gold eye shadow, brown eyeline and half fake lashes. The amazing rose matte lipe is from Inglot. 

foto de Alba Romagosa Giménez.